Our vision is to be a synonymous with companies that are standard-setters both in the field of business and environmental protection.

    We want to be leaders, we want to introduce new technologies and practices in project realization based on renewable energy sources. In cooperation and collaboration with our strategic partners, we want the world to become a better place for everyone.


    Our company’s headquarters is located in the municipality of Novi Beograd.

    Hidro Tan management, fully responsible for managing all business activities, is situated in a new commercial building (built in 2017). Daily work coordination takes place among field technicians on all locations throughout Serbia and the region.


    The Hidro Tan team is all about the expertise of their professionals who have significant experience in the fields of energy and construction. There is a constant need for the market to search for innovation and offer world-class service standards in these areas, so we remain committed to continually improve, develop and strengthen our team.

    Responsibility to investors engages us to provide quality and complete information on the cost-effectiveness of their investments for project implementation. Our company guarantees quality, reliability and efficiency in implementing investors’ ideas, and by cooperative engagement we protect the environment and improve living conditions for future generations


    Our company’s business culture is based on integrity and respect for nature. / Integrity and respect for nature are basis for our company’s business culture. The reputation that we have been building over the years is one of our most valuable assets. We continuously improve quality standards and use the latest global technical and technological solutions to create reliable and efficient solutions for our customers.

    Clients, as well as our partners, have our full commitment. We create a working atmosphere, based on mutual respect, appreciation and trust. We plan, perform and set guidelines for the future; for the benefit/prosperity of our company, clients, partners, employees, owners and the entire planet.